"The quartz,
       from which ideas are!"

"The quartz,
       from which ideas are!"

"The quartz,
       from which ideas are!"

"The quartz,
       from which ideas are!"

WST Special products

Following the motto “we create possibilities”, we have also produced a large number of unusual special products in recent years.

Our special products also include

  • Fluorescent colour quartz
    Quartz sands which glow under ultraviolet light. Developed as special highlights, for example for floor coverings or decorations in discotheques.
  • Colour substrate
    Coated volcanic rock as a colourful alternative to conventional potting soil for indoor plants.
  • Dyed rubber granulate
    Recycled rubber coated with colour pigments. Usage: coating children’s playgrounds or for the colouring of artificial turf pitches.
  • Colour quartz photoluminescence
    Coloured quartz sand with pigment which stores natural or artificial light and glows in the dark. Designed for escape and rescue route markings.
  • Coloured glass cullet
    Glass cullet coated with colour pigments. Used as an aggregate in the concrete industry or for the individual design of WST decorative coatings with light effects.

The following pictures show the use of dyed fluorescent pellets in the Bodensee. In a series of test conducted by the University of Constance in 2010, the effects of waves and currents on the shores caused by ships were analysed.

We are happy to receive your ideas and suggestions for the development of new products.


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